Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Teen's Night Out

Teen’s Night Out (TNO) serves the youth residents at The Road Home.  Along with

The Road Home’s mission we aim to “help people step out of homelessness and back

into our community”.  TNO contributes to this mission by providing weekly

activities for The Road Home’s youth.  Our activities focus on allowing homeless

teens to forget the hardships of being homeless, and focus more on being a teenager.

The teens we serve appear, and act like any other group of teenagers.  They

attend school, hate homework, play sports, and think they can drive a ten-passenger

van.  What makes them different are the dangers that surround them.  These

dangers come in the form of drugs, violence, hunger, oppression, discrimination, and

the elements.  These teens in their situational poverty are limited by homelessness,

and their environment blinds them from a brighter future.  TNO offers a glimpse to a

brighter, more secure future.  We allow them to see and experience things that

poverty would never allow them to see, and for a moment they overcome poverty.

At the moment they are still limited to what poverty can provide.  TNO

continues to provide that weekly glimpse into a brighter future.  We hope that the

teens experiences and interactions at TNO will be that moment where poverty

doesn’t exist for out teens.

If you're interested in volunteering with the Teen's Night Out program, or are looking for more information, check out our Volunteer Now tab on our website, www.bennioncenter.org 

Logan Prince
Program Director
Teen's Night Out, The Road Home 

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