Friday, August 29, 2014

Back-Farms Program with Green Urban Lunchbox

We’re spotlighting our Back-Farms program with Green Urban Lunchbox, which is a program where we pair up volunteers with low income senior citizens that have the room for a garden. Volunteers learn new gardening techniques every week as well as getting to take home a third of the harvest! In all of the programs with Green Urban Lunchbox, the remaining harvest is taken to food banks around the city.
The program had 30 volunteers that rendered a collective 90 hours of service this past June. 16 gardens were maintained, and from those gardens, 200 pounds of cherries were donated to Meals on Wheels, and 400 apricots were harvested and donated! Program Director Courtney Dean reflected on the service:
“In June we harvested pounds and pounds of cherries. Most of the grade A fruit went to Meals on Wheels who delivers meals to seniors all around our city. The seniors were more than ecstatic about receiving the fresh fruit! The Green Urban Lunchbox was featured in the Salt Lake Tribune for making a contribution to senior's lives by simple providing fresh fruit for their enjoyment. Many of whom had not had fresh fruit, especially cherries in quite some time. Providing something as simple as fruit, which I buy weekly for myself, to someone who doesn't have the financial privilege to buy such things is an amazing feeling. People simply don't have access to health food, even if they wanted to live a healthier life style it cannot always be incorporated into their daily lives. Seniors have a set budget without much room for wiggle, providing them with something that is a standard for living should be a goal of every community.”

For more information on the program, check out their website here, and if you're interested in volunteering with the program, check out the link here to sign up with us at the Bennion Center! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Welcome, 2014-2015!

Welcome back to another great year, Utes!

Here in the Bennion Center we're SO excited to get going and give you all the resources and information you need to be an engaged citizen in your communities. We have tons of awesome events to start off the year, first off which is the Service Social tonight, August 27th, at the Officers' Gazebo in housing. Here's a little video we prepared with Adobe Voice to give you an idea of what's in store!

Be on the lookout for events, updates, and information from us through our various social media sites!

You can find us on...

  • Twitter: @bennioncenter
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  • In the Union, Room 101! We have super comfy couches and tea. 
We're here to help you, and get you everything you could possibly need to be an active and prepared volunteer. Please feel free to always stop by with questions and inquires, or hit us up on social media. We'll get you what you need as soon as possible. 

Finally, THANK YOU for being awesome, and giving your time to service. Being in college is demanding, so it's incredible to have so many of you busy, engaged students part of such great efforts!