Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Environmental Action Team

The toasty autumn sun on your cheeks, the feel of soil as it crumbles in your fingers, the clean scent of fresh morning dew, lush green vegetation in a vast expanse, and the thumping of your heart after a long morning of volunteer work. It does not get more hands on than this.

Last October, volunteers from the Environmental Action Team worked on an urban farm located right on the outskirts of downtown Salt Lake City. This farm is part of a program called Real Food Rising, which is an initiative with Utahns Against Hunger. This initiative is aimed at providing sustainable agriculture and hunger relief for the community.  

The food that Real Food Rising grows gets donated to food pantries, sold at local farm stands, and some being sold to restaurants. As members of the Environmental Action team, our primary goal is to help improve the quality of our environment through service. In doing this, you will learn valuable new skills by participating in conservation and sustainability projects here
in Utah. Volunteering with Real Food Rising was a great opportunity for us to incorporate all of the goals of EAT into something both tangible and rewarding.

Being able to learn about sustainable agriculture and working hands on really made me feel the difference that we were making as a group, and it motivated many of us to want to be more involved and active with environmental sustainability. After a long morning of work, the volunteers from EAT weeded, cultivated, and sowed 1200 square feet of organic vegetable crops on the farm.

This is just a small taste of what we do at EAT, if you are interested in volunteering with us, please reach out to Kate at

Kate Zhao
Program Director
Environmental Action Team 

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